Donate Your Boat

Support MSYSP by Donating Your Motor or Sailboat!

Do you have an older boat sitting at home that you and your family don’t use anymore?  Did you upgrade to a bigger boat and need to get rid of the smaller one?  Do you have a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) that you’ve outgrown?  Too often, many power and sailboats sit unused and neglected in the yard or the marina for months, if not years.

Well, one of the most effective ways to support our youth sailing program is by donating your older, unwanted boat, which can be renovated or sold “as is” to the community to help raise funds for our different programs.  Best of all, vessels donated to The Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program meet IRS guidelines for charitable donations.

How can I go about donating my old boat?  MSYSP will send a professionally certified marine surveyor to inspect your boat to determine a fair market value for your donated vessel.  We’ll  provide you with a copy of the surveyor’s letter of value along with a donation letter.  Depending on what kind of boat is donated, like a RIB (which we use as Safety Boats for our Instructors), a Sunfish or similar small sailing dinghy, we sometimes incorporate these boats into our training fleet.

If you are thinking about putting your old vessel to good use, please reach out to us at (305) 747-2600 or via Email at