Florida Keys Sailing Summer Camp



We absolutely had a breeze of a time with all of your kids and 
can’t wait to see them again NEXT YEAR:

MAY 30 – AUGUST 4, 2023

(registration opens in January)
2023 Summer Sessions
  • Session 1: May 30 – June 9
  • Session 2: June 12 – June 23
  • Session 3: June 26 – July 7 (no class on July 4th)
  • Session 4: July 10 – July 21
  • Session 5: July 24 – August 4th

For all summer camp inquiries, please contact:

Rosa Lamela
Executive Director
Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program
T. (305) 747-2600
Email: rosa@msysp.org

Largo Conchs for ages 4 - 7

Introduction to Sailing (9 am to Noon)

Our super popular Largo Conchs program for those water-loving little ones ages 5 -7 returns for another great summer. For those kids that aren’t used to being ashore, this program lets them get comfortable on the water and hooked on sailing.  Our Largo Conchs will climb aboard sailboats accompanied by an instructor at all times. Through fun and games, our Largo Conchs will learn about boating safety, basic seamanship, and proper sailing terminology all while exploring Buttonwood Sound.  There’ll be plenty of kid-sized kayaking near shore, beach swimming, and excursions to nearby islands when the weather permits. Children will be required to bring their own proper fitting life jacket, snacks, and/or lunch, and a reusable water bottle.

Cost for Largo Conchs Program  (per child per session):

  • $375 for local children attending Florida Keys schools full time
  • $475 for all other non-resident campers

Click Here to Sign Up: Largo Conchs Registration & Waiver Form

Learn to Windsurf for Ages 8 - 18

For Beginner and Intermediate Windsurfers (9am to 3pm)

MSYSP is so excited to bring the sport of windsurfing to the Upper Keys this summer season!  Whether campers have some sailing experience or not, they will learn the basic mechanics involved and practice on boards and sails specifically designed for youth.  The program will teach campers how to turn and windsurf in different points of sail around Buttonwood Sound.  

Mix and Match (Windsurf + Sailing) Cost:

  • $595 for local Keys kids
  • $725 for non resident campers

Click Here to Sign Up:  Learn to Windsurf Registration & Waiver Form

Learn to Sail For Ages 8 – 12

For Beginner and Intermediate Sailors (9 am to 3 pm)

In this course, campers will learn basic sailboat handling and practice sailing around and returning onshore from beautiful Buttonwood Sound in Key Largo.  Our beachfront property means campers will also enjoy swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and excursions to nearby islands all while under the supervision of instructors on motorized boats.  We also incorporate boating safety and marine life awareness throughout the two-week session.

Learn to Sail Program Cost (per child per session):

  • $595 for local children attending Florida Keys or Homestead schools full time
  • $725 for all other non-resident campers

Click Here to Sign Up:  Learn to Sail Registration & Waiver Form


Intro to C420 Sailing For Ages 13 – 18

For Beginner and Intermediate Sailors (10am to 2pm)

Parents, for those of you with demanding middle or high school-aged kids, sailing is the perfect sport to pick up as a teenager.  You are never too old to discover sailing, so this summer have your teens drop their mobile devices and hop aboard a two-person boat with a friend or fellow camper.  No sailing experience, no problem! We will pair your child with a more experienced skipper so they can comfortably ease their way into sailing. And for those teens who have outgrown an Opti or Sunfish and want to try sailing a bigger and faster boat with a friend on board, then our C420 Sailing for Teens course is the perfect solution to get your kids off the couch and on the water.  The two-week course will teach sailors boat handling skills by controlling the trim of the mainsail and jib together. The C420 is the same boat raced competitively in high schools and universities all over the country.

C420 Sailing for Teens Cost (per child per session):

  • $595 – For local children attending Florida Keys schools full time
  • $725 – For all other non-resident campers 

Click Here to Sign Up: Intro to C420 Sailing Registration & Waiver Form

Sailing Camp FAQs

  • Q. What should my child bring to camp each day?  A. Reusable water bottle, lunch and snacks, life jacket, sun block, hand sanitizer. Please label all their items clearly with a permanent ink pen. 
  • Q. What should my child wear to camp?  A. Bathing suit, shorts for girls are mandatory, long-sleeved, dry-fast performance shirt or rash guard, a neck gaiter or buff, a wide-brimmed fishing-style hat, inexpensive polarized sun glass, and water shoes. Please label all personal items clearly with a permanent ink pen.  
  • Q. How do drop off and pick up work? A. Campers may be dropped off no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of camp and picked up no later than 30 minutes after camp. 
  • Q. Can parents and/or grandparents stay to watch their kids during the day? A. NO! We welcome parents to tour the grounds and take pictures with their children for no more than 15 minutes on the first Monday of every session. After that time period, we ask that all guardians promptly leave the property until pick up time. On all other days, please just drop off your child at the sailing club.
  • Q. Will family members be able to see their kids sail? A. YOU BET! We invite family members to visit the sailing club to film and take pictures of their kids sailing on the last Friday of each session. You’ll even hop aboard one of our inflatable boats with one of our instructors to get an up-close look at your kids sailing out on the water. 
  • Q. Can campers use their electronics during camp hours? A. N-O-P-E !!! The use of mobile phones, iPads or any electronic device during camp hours is strictly forbidden. Any camper needing to contact a parent or guardian during camp hours must ask a camp counselor or instructor for permission. Campers seen playing on such devices will have them taken away and returned at end of day. Please encourage them to leave this stuff at home!
  • Q. What happens if bad weather is forecasted? A. Unless the Camp Director specifically texts parents announcing that camp is canceled for the day, PLEASE bring your child to camp.  Most often during summer time we experience fast moving squalls that last only 15-20 minutes. Once the storm passes and the weather clears, we’re right back out on the water. So please try not to play meteorologist because your child is likely to lose a perfectly good day at camp.  
  • Q. When will sailing camp be cancelled for the day?  A. We regularly monitor weather forecasts and use a variety of mobile apps through out the day to keep an eye on impending rain, lightning and storms. Should several forecasts and apps all indicate day-long rain or storms, we will likely cancel camp at that time. Only the Camp Director is allowed to make this decision and will be the only person to notify all guardians of such cancellation. Fortunately, this happens only 2-3 days out of every summer season. 
  • Q. Where is the Upper Keys Sailing Club located?  A. We are located at 100 Ocean Bay Drive at Mile Marker (MM) 100 on the bayside in Key Largo.  
Make a Payment
  • Via Venmo app – find us “@msyspkids” or look for Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program
  • Via Zelle, simply add “rosa@msysp.org” as a recipient
  • Via Paypal – Pay or Donate to MSYSP
Our Summer Camp Refund Policy

We understand that summer plans can change last-minute. That’s why MSYSP is happy to give you a full refund on your child’s registration so long as we are given a TWO WEEK NOTICE. We are also happy to reschedule the session to an earlier or later date in the summer to accommodate your schedule. Unfortunately, WE CANNOT ISSUE ANY REFUNDS IF THE SESSION IS ALREADY IN PROGRESS.  We also do not pro rate the fee should the child miss any days of the session.