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Making the sport of sailing affordable, accessible and inclusive to Upper Keys and South Dade children of all backgrounds since 2006

Whew…. Did the summer season fly by quickly!  It jump started in May when the local Boy Scout Troop 912 visited MSYSP to earn its sailing badge. With our Opti and C420 sailors at the helm, we taught the scouts the basics of sailing and got them out on the water.  And my did they sail — in both light wind and in heavy breeze, Troop 912 scouts were fearless!

Nine weeks of sailing camp soon followed with well over 200 kids attending, a record for our small Key Largo-based youth sailing program.  More importantly, we awarded 21 full scholarships to some of our neediest Keys and Homestead children and handed a dozen more partial scholarships to local families.  And after many months of delay, we finally launched our brand new learn to windsurf program.  We welcomed a huge fleet of Keys kids at our camp this summer, a ship-full of first-time sailors, plus an armada of return campers from all over the country, and spiced it all up with a little windsurfing at the end.  It was indeed the awesome summer of 2021!

A very big shout out to our summer sponsors who helped send underprivileged kids to camp and launch our windsurf program:

Youth sailing NEVER stops at MSYSP so browse on over to the programs section to find out how soon your kids can get back on the water sailing this Fall.  Registration opens in August.

In the last two years, we’ve invested over $40,000 in new racing and training optis as well as summer camp boats. However, we still need to continue revamping our fleet of sailboats to accommodate the growing number of sailors signing up for our programs. Here’s where your financial support can make a difference:

  • We need 3 more new trainer optis (Cost: $2500 each)
  • We need 6 new sets of sails (mainsail & jib) for our C420 fleet (Cost: $1200 per set)
  • We need to replace 5 of our older racing optis with new ones (Cost: $3200 each)
  • We need to purchase 4 more RS Zest sailboats for our adventure sailing and summer camp programs (Cost: $5600 each )

Making a one-time or monthly tax deductible donation to MSYSP is easy.  Just follow any of these simple steps below and know that your contribution will be 100% invested in our kids, and not in administrative or operating costs.

  • Send us money via Zelle.  Just add “rosa@msysp.org” as a recipient and your donation will be received instantly and fee-free.
  • Use your Venmo App as another cost-free option to donate.  Our handle is “@msyspkids” or simply look us up at Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing
  • Send us a good old fashioned check payable to MSYSP and mail to 100 Ocean Bay Drive, Key Largo, FL 33037
  • Finally, feel free to use our PayPal link. You can cover the PayPal fee upon request:  Donate To MSYSP Today

Thank you for supporting the Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program!

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