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Empowering Youth Through Sailing

The Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program was founded in 2006 to give Florida Keys children of all backgrounds the opportunity to discover the sport of sailing.  Today we continue to empower our local youth as the only non-profit organization that provides year-round recreational and competitive sailing programs to children and teens from the Upper Keys and Homestead areas.   

By putting more than 300 kids on sailboats each year, we are dedicated to increasing participation in the sport and developing the next generation of youth sailors.  And with nearly one third of the children in our programs attending on a scholarship, we remain committed to making the sport affordable and accessible to every child in the communities we serve.  

We are funded and supported by the generosity of the Upper Keys Sailing Club, its members, parent volunteers, individuals,  local foundations and the business community.  Please join us as a supporter and/or volunteer to empower our children and help make a difference in the lives of our local youth.  To find out how you can support and get involved, please click on our “Donate” page.